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When I do menu Setup | Users I get the error message below. All the other computers on our network don't have this problem only my computer does. I am connecting in file-server mode. My computer is Windows 2000 server and so is the computer hosting the PR-Tracker database.

Can't Lock Database file
Unable to lock database file prtracker.key
Error 52: Bad file name or number
Lock:LockFile prtracker 5.10.0057


This error can happen if you have configured PRTRACK.DLL to run under Component Services on the computer that runs PR-Tracker as a client. PRTRACK.DLL is only supposed to be configured in Component Services on the computer acting as the PR-Tracker server. To fix the problem to these steps:

1) Close PR-Tracker.
2) Remove PRTRACK.DLL from Component Services on the your computer.
3) Re-register PRTRACK.DLL (if you don't re-register you will get error 429).

This misconfiguration probably happened because you moved the database from your server one computer to the other server.


Unable to lock database file reports.cfg (when doing menu Reports | Manage Reports)
Unable to lock database file demo\demo.cfg (when doing menu Setup | Configure Current Project)
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