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Knowledgebase Article 993

When I try to save a problem report I get the error message below. All the other computers on our network don't have this problem only my computer does. I am connecting in file-server mode. My computer is Windows 2000 server and so is the computer hosting the PR-Tracker database.

Error 9007: Can't open file \\dax\prtrackerdb\prtracker.key
Error 52: Bad file name or number
PrtrackerInterface:SaveProblemReport Key:Get_System_Configuration_32 prtrack 5.10.0057


This error can happen if you have configured PRTRACK.DLL to run under Component Services on the computer that runs PR-Tracker as a client. PRTRACK.DLL is only supposed to be configured in Component Services on the computer acting as the PR-Tracker server. To fix the problem to these steps

1) Close PR-Tracker.
2) Remove PRTRACK.DLL from Component Services on the your computer.
3) Re-register PRTRACK.DLL (if you don't re-register you will get error 429).
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