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What rules does PR-Tracker use to determine when to send email notification


The general rule is that PR-Tracker notifies users when it is their turn to work on a problem. This notification always happens after changes to a problem report are saved.


1) When a problem report is Assigned, the person assigned as Investigator will be notified.
2) When a problem report is Resolved, the person assigned as Verifier will be notified.
3) When a problem report is Originated, the person responsible for assigning problems will be notified.
Note: The person responsible for assigning problems is configured in the Cunfigure Project dialog under notification.
4) When a problem with status Assigned is modified such that the Investigator is changed, the new Investigator will be notified.

If a problem is modified by doing menu Edit | Modify, and the person that is supposed to work on the problem next doesn't change, no email notification will be sent.
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