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We have developed a new "project" in PR-Tracker 5.0 to replace an old mainframe problem tracking system. The old system has thousands of records in it (probably about 5,000). We are planning to import an extract of this system into our new "project". I am a little concerned with the performance of our database if it includes 5,000 or more records. We are currently using the Access version of your product. Can you provide any sort of ballpark advice as to how many records we can add to the project before performance suffers significantly?


PR-Tracker 5.0 and earlier works in file-server mode. This means that you read or write data to a PR-Tracker project, the whole Access database file gets transfered across the network. If your anti-virus software is configured to scan all network traffic you will experience performance problems at 5000 problems; otherwise not.

PR-Tracker 5.10 and above can operate in file-server mode and client-server mode. PR-Tracker 5.10 works faster than 5.0 in file-server mode because it periodically compresses the database keeping the database files as small as possible and consequently transfers less data across the network.

In client-server mode even less data is transfered across the network because each client keeps a local cache of data. Client-server mode is faster for larger databases, expecially when network file transfers are being scanned by anti-virus software. Client-server mode is slower for small databases because more handshaking is done during connection, however, performance is still so good that you may not be able to notice the difference.
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