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Knowledgebase Article 965

Once a project has been deleted through "Manage Projects", I've noticed a couple of things.

Two issues:
First - some deleted projects do not appear in the list of projects to Restore

Second - Some of the projects that appear in the Restore list cause an error when trying to restore "Cannot Restore - file cannot be found", even though the project directories are still there.

Step To Reproduce Problem:
Delete a project, exit from "Manage Projects" to release the key and go back into "Manage Projects" and try to restore the project. I haven't been able to track down the exact steps yet that cause each problem.

Work around:
To restore one of the projects mentioned above, try to create a new project with the same name and directory as the project you are trying to restore. A message pops up indicating "This project already exists, do you want to restore...". clicking yes restores the project.


These bugs were introduced in version 5.10.????. They were fixed in PR-Tracker 5.10.0137 and PR-Tracker Web Client 5.10.0087
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