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I am getting the error below. Is this a permissions problem?

Error 9010: Error 9024: Can't access PR-Tracker Dababase File
\\Worf\QA\PR Tracker Beta\Database\Tracker\CMOZ\CMOZ.cfg


This is a permissions issue. There are several ways to resolve it. One way is documented below.

1) Give Everyone access to PRTRACKERDB. This setting can be tightened later after you get things working.

NOTE: When setting permissions on PRTRACKERDB you must configure both Sharing permissions and Security permissions. When setting the security permissions on PRTRACKERDB, make sure to apply them to all subdirectories.

If step (1) doesn't solve the problem, set the Security for prtracker.asp using the steps below:

2) Using IIS, right click on prtracker.asp and select Properties.

3) From the properties dialog select tab File Security

4) Click the Edit button under Anonymous Access and Authentication

You probably have Anonymous Access checked if you are getting this

5) Click the Edit button for Anonymous Access. You probably have
Username IUSR_computername.

6a) Delete IUSR_computername and enter a user that has access to
PRTRACKERDB and their password. You might want to create a user just
for this purpose.


6b) Click Browse and select IUSR_computername. IIS will prepend the
domain name to IUSR_computername. No password will be needed.

7) Give domainname\IUSR_computername access to PRTRACKERDB
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