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Knowledgebase Article 92

I have the PR-Tracker Web Server installed on Windows 2000 running IIS. The PR-Tracker Database is on the same machine.

I get the following error when trying to connect to the eval version of the Web Server from the Web Client:

Error 3050: Couldn't lock file.
strSQL=SELECT SUM(Checksum) AS GroupChecksum FROM [Problem Reports] WHERE Number >=1 AND Number <=0;

PrTrackerDbFiles:GetCheckSums Checksum:GetGroupChecksums
Checksum:ComputerGroupChecksum DAO.Workspace


Change the Security settings so that Everyone has full control of directory PRTRACKERDB and all its subdirectories and files. After this PR-Tracker should work. Next tighten the security settings to the desired level.

One way to tighten security without getting an error is to require PR-Tracker users to login with a password. Do this by using IIS to set the File Security of prtracker.asp to require Basic Authentication. Then give only Authenticated Users full control of PRTRACKERDB.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sharing permissions are often confused with Security permissions. Sharing PRTRACKERDB directory will not have any affect on whether PR-Tracker Web Client can access the database when PRTRACKERDB is located on the web server. Sharing only affects access through a local area network. To set the Security permissions (on NT 4.0), right click PRTRACKERDB and select Properties from the popup menu. Then select Security tab on the PRTRACKERDB properties dialog. From there click button Permissions and so on.
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