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We are currently collaborating with another company on a project and we want them to have access to our PR-Tracker database from a remote location using PR-Tracker Web Client. The problem is that the PR-Tracker database is behind the firewall and the web server and remote users that would connect to are not. Is is possible to get PR-Tracker to work in this way?


Yes it is with PR-Tracker 5.10 and above. However, the firewall must be configured properly so that DCOM applications like PR-Tracker can work through it. The Microsoft whilte paper "Using Distributed COM with Firewalls" discusses the configuration issues. See http://www.microsoft.com/com/wpaper/dcomfw.asp.

To setup PR-Tracker to work in this way do these steps.

1) Install PR-Tracker on the computer that will host the database. Choose installation option Setup Server when running the PR-Tracker setup program. Follow the instructions in the help file for configuring the server so that PR-Tracker will work in client-server mode.

2) To test that the server was configured properly in step 1 above, install PR-Tracker on another computer behind the firewall. Choose installation option Setup Client when running the PR-Tracker Setup program. Start PR-Tracker and verify that you can connect properly to the server.

3) Following the instructions in the white paper above to configure the firewall for DCOM

4) Install PR-Tracker (not Web Client) on the Web Server. Choose installation option Setup Client. Start PR-Tracker on the Web Server and make sure you can connect to the PR-Tracker Database Server. If you can then your firewall is configured correctly.

5) Configure a virtual directory for prtracker.asp as described in the PR-Tracker help file.

6) Install PR-Tracker Web Client on each remote computer.
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