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Knowledgebase Article 86

What is the limit on database size, if any?


The size of a project is limited only by the number of problems which is 9999. The are no other practical size limitations and no practical limit on the number of projects you may have.

If you get close to exceeding the 9999 problem limit for a project, we recommend startiing a new project and copying a subset of problems to the new project.

Use PR-Tracker menu File | Copy Problems To Project to perform the copy operation. But before doing the copy, you must make a query to select the problems that you want copied. We recommend a query like the one below.

Condition = Not A or B
Where A is (Status = Closed)
And B is (Modification Date > -30)

This query will select all non-Closed problems and all Closed problems which have been modified in the last 30 days.
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