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Intermittent connection problems with PR-Tracker Web Client. It is running on IIS 5.0 on a Windows 2000 Server. Every so often about every 1-2 weeks, the server seems to get into a strange state where the front-end '.asp' no longer responds. Trying to hit the prtracker.asp URL results in the browser just hanging waiting for a response.

At the same time, the terminal services web connection also no longer works. We have another application on the same IIS Web server that continues to work unaffected, so the web server itself is still working.

Usually a restart of the web server services fixes the problem, but about half the time, the services won't come down cleanly and a reboot is required.


This is a common problem with IIS. Usually ASPs (active server pages) are affected first. PR-Tracker uses prtracker.asp as its interface. The unaffected application may not use ASPs. PR-Tracker Web Client does expect a timely response from the server and if it doesn't get it it may error out. We have made to recent improvements to PR-Tracker Web Client so that it works better with servers that are responding poorly. If you don't have version 5.10.0081 or above you should upgrade at least one of your clients to see if it makes a difference. The new version of PR-Tracker Web Client won't solve your IIS problems though. It will only delay them.

One situation when this problem can occurs is when PR-Tracker Web Client is setup to connect to a server running SQL Server. Generally it's a bad idea to run IIS and SQL SERVER on the same computer because SQL Server is a security risk for public servers. Also SQL Server can use up enough memory to cause IIS to respond poorly. If you do have IIS and SQL server on the same box, you should configure the memory settings of SQL Server so that it can only dynamically allocation about 1/2 of the servers memory. By default SQL Server is configured so that all memory is available to it for dynamic allocation and this causes problems for IIS that will affect PR-Tracker Web Client.

If SQL Server is not the cause of the problem and you can't determine which application is affecting IIS, you should consider automating a stop/start of IIS on a weekly basis to prevent the problem. One program that could help you with this is ServiceKeeper. See http://www.servicekeeper.com.
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