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We have PR Tracker installed on two machines: one running NT and the other running Windows 98. Our PR databases are stored in a shared area on our windows 98 machine. We can access the databases just fine on the 98 machine, but when we try to access a database on the NT machine we get this Database Access Conflict window showing all of our latest transactions and recommending that we email this log to you. Why are we getting this dialog?


This error usually occurs when the PRTRACKERDB directory is shared as Read Only. The sharing access type should be set to Full on Windows 95/98 and to Change or Full Control on Windows NT.

If the database is stored on NT or 2000 you must configure both Sharing permissions and Security permissions. When setting the security permissions on PRTRACKERDB, make sure to apply them to all subdirectories.

This error can also be caused by database corruption. If changing the sharing privileges to Full Access doesn't solve the problem run the PR-Tracker Database Repair Utility. The Database Repair Utility in located in the PR-Tracker program group.


Database busy
Database is busy
Couldn't lock file
Error 3050
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