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Is PR-Tracker compatible with Windows 2000/XP?


Yes. However, Windows 2000 and Windows XP have tighter default security settings than Windows 95/98/NT/ME so there are a few issues which must be handled:

1) Windows 2000/XP only allows administrators to install software. If you are not an administrator and you attempt to install PR-Tracker, setup.exe (the bootstrap program provided by Microsoft) will fail without an informative error message. This also affects PR-Tracker 5.xx.

2) The default security settings of Program Files\PR-Tracker don't allow non-administrators to read/write files. PR-Tracker stores the initialization file (prtracker.ini), query files and view files under this folder so read/write permission is required for proper operation.

3) PR-Tracker Web Client also stores cached database files in Program Files\PR-Tracker\PRTRACKERDB and this folder must also have read/write permission for Everyone.

Issues (2) and (3) apply only to PR-Tracker 4.xx and 5.0. The PR-Tracker 5.10 setup program automatically configures the security settings under the PR-Tracker folder. If you encounter access problems, check the Read Only property on files and folders under the PR-Tracker folder.


Windows 2000, Windows XP
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