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I've been trying to set up the pr-tracker web client and server. The configuration is that the internet info server is on a different system (www-active) than the database which is at \\shelob1\cgroup\problems

Installation looks smooth and the client is able to contact the script, however the script bombs when it tries to check date information on the database:

Error 9010: Error 5: Invalid procedure call or argument

PrtrackerDbFiles:GetFileDate prwebsvr

PR-Tracker Web Client 4.30.0134
Prtrackerwc:Main InetComm:UpdateDbFile Inetcomm:GetFileDateTime prwebcli

This UNC name does exist and so does the prtracker.key file. Any suggestions?


The error only happens when the database is installed on a computer other than the one hosting PR-Tracker Web Server and with PRWEBSVR.DLL 4.30.0071. This problem is fixed in PRWEBSVR.DLL 4.30.0072 and above. Download the latest version of PR-Tracker Web Server from http://www.prtracker.com/download.html.
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