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Knowledgebase Article 750

When I connect to PR-Tracker in client-server mode I get the following error:

Error 70: Permission denied

PR-Tracker 5.10.0104
Prtr:ConnectNetworkClient prtracker

The client is a Windows 98 computer and the server is a Windows 2000 server. They also belong to different domains.


One possible cause for the problem is Windows 98 doesn't have permission to access Windows 2000 server since they belong to different domains.

To check to see if this is the problem:
-Select Network Neighborhood icon on your desktop
-Open Entire Network
-Select the domain which Windows 2000 Server computer belongs to
-Double-click the name of the Windows 2000 server
-Enter Network Password dialog appears with the following message:
You must supply a password to make this connection:
Resource: \\Windows2000computername\IPC$
Password: blank

To fix the problem establish a trusted-relationship between the two domains.
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