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Knowledgebase Article 736

When I start PR-Tracker Web Client, I get the following error message.

Error 5: Invalid procedure call or argument

PR-Tracker Web Client 5.00.0054
Prtrackerwc:Main Prtr:OpenProject prwebcli


This error messages occurs when there is an error string being returned from the server that PR-Tracker Web Client doesn't understand. Not handling the error string is a bug that was fixed in version 5.10.0132. You will need to upgrade PR-Tracker to the latest version to fix this problem. Once you have upgraded, PR-Tracker Web Client will properly pass on the error being returned from the server and you will be able to diagnose the problem.

Alternatively, if you don't want to upgrade PR-Tracker, you could spy on the communication stream to get the error message.
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