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Knowledgebase Article 73

Every morning when I come in to the office my PR-Tracker email notification machine has the following error:

PR-Tracker Email Notifier
Runtime error '-2147417848 (800010108):

I dismiss the error and the PrtrackerEN process terminates.

This is running on:
NT 4.0 Service Pack 4
256 MB RAM
Microsoft Outlook 98 (8.5.6614.0) -- includes latest security patches


I am not sure what causes this error. It appears to be passed on to PR-Tracker from a lower level. I suspect that there is some kind of confict between the email notifier and some other program that runs at night -- maybe a virus scanner, a backup program, or something else. I recommend moving the email notifier to another machine.


This problem has never been reproduced at Softwise Company. If you are reading this issue and later discover more information about the problem, we would be grateful if you send it to us.
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