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Knowledgebase Article 72

Can I delete a problem report from the database?

ANSWER 4.40:

The ability to delete problem reports was added in version 4.40

ANSWER 4.30:

We don't allow problem report deletion for quality assurance reasons. Problem report deletion would make it possible to dismiss a problem as invalid without allowing the Originator to protest. Instead we recommend that the problem report be resolved with an explanation like "User Error" or "Not Reproducible" or "Duplicate of xxxx". Also keep in mind that invalid problem reports are often a sign that the user interface is confusing, thus making it a user interface bug. However, so many users have requested the ability to delete problem reports that we have we have made it a feature request to allow problem deletion as a configurable option.

It is possible to delete problem reports editing the PR-Tracker database files manually, but we don't recommend it. If you want to delete a problem report, delete the problem report .PR file and the problem report record in the project .MDB file.
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