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Knowledgebase Article 69

PR-Tracker always opens the DEMO project first. Is there some way to have PR Tracker come up in our project instead of the
demo project? We want to keep the demo for a place to try out things but we don't want it to be the first thing to come up.


PR-Tracker remembers which project was closed last by recording it in the prtracker.ini file. When PR-Tracker starts it opens the last closed project. So to get PR-Tracker to open your project first, to do these steps:

1) Start PR-Tracker
2) Open your project
3) Close the DEMO project
4) Close your project.

The next time you start PR-Tracker it will open your project first.

You may also use a PR-Tracker command line argument to override the PROJECT setting in the prtracker.ini file. This way you can control which project is opened first no matter what project was closed last. See PR-Tracker online help for information about using command line arguments.
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