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Knowledgebase Article 685
When trying to run PR-Tracker the following error message appears:

Error 3706
Provider cannot be found

06-Jun-2002 5:47 Investigated by Randy Stimpson

This error means that MDAC is not installed on the computer or that your MDAC installation is corrupted. Since PR-Tracker installs MDAC 2.5 this probably means you have a corrupt MDAC installation on your computer. MDAC corruption is common because some application programs erroneously attempt to install a partial version of MDAC.

To fix the problem first try installing MDAC by running mdac_typ.exe which can be found in thePRTRACKERDB\Netsetup folder. If this doesn't solve the problem then your MDAC installation is corrupted (perhaps with mismatched components from a higher version). Microsoft has and MDAC checker that will help you trouble shoot your MDAC installation. You can download it from http://www.microsoft.com/data/download.htm#CCinfo

After you run the checker, let me know what you find out.

06-Jun-2002 6:15 Appended by Randy Stimpson

Hi Randy

Thanks for your prompt response

Yes, it seems I have an MDAC problem this happened after deploying MDAC
2.61, so for the MDAC 2.5 supplied with the PR-Tracker I will not be able to
use it for this case. I ran MDAC checker and I have some registry problem
entries and some DLLs mismatched

the DLLs are :

Resolved by Randy Stimpson at 08-Nov-2002 11:44
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