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Knowledgebase Article 667
When I try to download a report such as Transaction log, I receive the following error:
Error 9030: Downloaded file size doesn't match file size on server. Retry Count = 4

PR-Tracker Web Client 5.00.0056
frmProblemList:mnuReportSaved_Click InetComm:UpdateDbFile InetComm:DownloadDbFile prwebcli

This error occurs when the report file transaction log.rpt doesn't have valid permission. From the server, select transaction log.rpt. Right-mouse click then select Properties. Click on Security tab.
Security dialog will appear:
You do not have permission to view or edit the current permission settings for transaction log.rpt, but you can take ownership or change auditing settings.
Click OK button.
Click Advanced button
Select Owner tab. You will see Current owner of this item value to be 'Unable to display current owner'
Select Administrators(Computername\Administrators) item from the list
Click Apply button
Click OK twice
Go back to the Properties dialog again.
This time select Security and then add the appropriate users with appropriate permission.
Then click OK.
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