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I work in th IT Department at XXXXXXX. I am difficulty in setting up Web Client on individuals machines.

Our PR Tracker web server is a Windows 2000 server running IIS 5.0. Our firewall is Checkpoint Firewall 1.0 and the firewall is set to allow port 80 through. Our proxy server is Microsoft Proxy 2.0.

SUGGESTION (from Softwise Company)

Your PR-Tracker Web Client connections problems are probably unrelated to Microsoft Proxy or Checkpoint Firewall. I suspect your Internet Exporer security settings could be the cause. The webpage below specified how you should set them.


Also recommend that you try connect your PR-Tracker Web Client to our server to see if it works. This was we will know if the problem is the your server of the clients. See http://www.prtracker.com/PR-TrackerWebClientDemo.html for instructions for connecting to our server.

REPLY (from customer)

My Internet Exporer security setting were set correctly and I can connect to your server. However, I still can't connect to our server.

SOLUTION (from Customer)

Just to let you know in future aspects, it was our LAN settings for the internet. I'm presuming they were conflicting with the proxy client on our members of staff's PC. The scenario is each client has Proxy 2.0 on their machines. We are connected to a Proxy Server that uses winsock and web proxy.

In order for PR Tracker web client to work correctly, Go to Internet Options or Properties, Select Connections, Select LAN settings and check automatically detect settings, and uncheck or disable all the other check boxes. If you leave the top checkbox unchecked, the PR Tracker Web Client will still work but the home page configured on the clients machine as a default will not load but any other web page will (on the internet), due to default home page using the INTERNET proxy settings (which will not be able to be found due to disabling it) and not the client settings. But if you check automatically detect settings check box, PR Tracker Web Client will work and the Internet as it detects the proxy settings via the proxy client on the clients PC and the client default Internet home page will work correctly. Hope this helps you.
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