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I am not a customer. I am wondering if PR-Tracker interfaces with PVCS. I want developers to be able to make coding changes and have the change request automatically be updated with the modified module information (file name and revision from PVCS). Can your product do this?


No it can't. We don't integrate with PVCS or Visual SafeSource. You will have to enter the the version information in manually. One reason why we don't support the integration you are looking for is that it only works well for simple cases -- and software is rarely simple.

I have used PVCS before but here we use VSS which has similar features. Instead of reporting problems against module versions we report them against build versions. Every build we make is labeled with a version number in VSS. Similarly, when a problem is resolved or verified we also record the build version that was the problem was resolved or verified in. In PR-Tracker we define a custom field "Resolved in Version" which we require entry for to resolve the problem (in your case the Change Request).

Is integration with PVCS a hard requirement for you? If so, you may want to consider PVCS Tracker. However, before you commit to PVCS which is much more expensive than PR-Tracker, you may want to download PR-Tracker and see what else it has to offer. If you want to do this I can give you
a 15 minute telephone tutorial which will hightlight the most used PR-Tracker features. PR-Tracker is easy to use but I can cover in 15 minutes what might take you 1/2 day to discover on your own.

Call me at 425-513-1575, Randy
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