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Knowledgebase Article 482
Name: Bas
Company Name: CBIS BV
Country: Netherlands
Telephone: unlisted
Email: bsc@cbis.nl
Product: PR-Tracker
Version: 4.050.242
OS: Windows NT Workstation 4.0

The PR-tracker web-server program is running on a webserver that is outside our company network. Our company network is connected to the internet through a proxy-server.

The webclient can't connect to the web-server in this setup. Is there a way to connect the webclient to the server through a proxy-server?
16-Oct-2001 Investigated by Randy Stimpson

It may be the proxy-server that is causing the problem. To test theory, try connecting to our server using the settings in webpage
Let me know what happens.

To test the connection to your remote web-server, enter the URL for the prtracker.asp you are using to connect. You should get the message "Connected". You may or may not be prompted for a password (depending on how your server is setup). If any other dialog besides the password prompt pop-up when you try and connect to prtracker.asp with IE tell me what they are. They could be causing the problem.

Let me know what happens.
Resolved by Randy Stimpson at 16-Oct-2001 7:58

Connecting to your demo server does work, .... im guessing there's something
wrong with the webserver. Gonna check that first.

One more suggestion ...

If you suceed in connecting to prtracker.asp, you can use test.asp to test the server configuration. Test.asp is in the same directory with prtracker.asp.
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