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I have ran test.asp and every thing checked out. However when running ProblemReoport.asp, entering data, and submitting it I recieve the following error:

HTTP 500 - Internal server error
Internet Explorer
I am operating this off of Win2k IIS5.

From another computer I get the error message:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a004c'
Path not found
/ASP/ProblemReport.asp, line 301


The line code in ProblemReport.asp that is failing is:
set f = fs.CreateTextFile(vstrFileName,true)

This implies that either folder C:\TEMP doesn't exist, or that the ProblemReport.asp doesn't have permission to write to it. If C:\TEMP exists, permissions may have been tightened on C:\TEMP as a precautionary measure against hackers who commonly upload to that folder. You should either choose a different folder for the TEMP_DIR constant in ProblemReport,asp, or modify the directory security settings of the virtual directory hosting ProblemReport.asp so that ProblemReport.asp can write to it.
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