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Knowledgebase Article 451

One of our PR-Tracker users connects to PR-Tracker over a VPN network. This person intermitantly receives the following error:

Error 9007: Error opening PR-Tracker key file
Error 52: Bad file name or number

This error may occur because of one of the following reasons:
1) the computer containing the PR-Tracker database is down;
2) you were disconnected from the computer containing the database;
3) you don't have permission to read the file;
4) the database_home setting in your prtracker.ini file is incorrect;
5) the file does not exist.


It turned out that this person wasn't disconnecting from the VPN properly when shutting down her laptop. Consequently she couldn't reconnect afterwards.


PR-Tracker has poor performance over low speed VPN. Consider using PR-Tracker Web Client instead. PR-Tracker Web Client uses local caching and checksum comparision to minimize data transmission. This design results in great performance even over a 56K modem connection.
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