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After upgrading to the web client software to 4.5, I get the following error: Error 9035: Can't get project access list.

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01b6'Object doesn't support this property or method: 'GetProjectAccessList'/prtracker/prtracker.asp, line 170

PR-Tracker Web Client 4.50.0196
SelProject:Form_Load InetComm:IGetProjectAccessList prwebcli


This message implies that the PRWEBSVR.DLL on your internet server did not get upgraded to 4.50. To verify this open Internet Explorer (or Netscape) and go to the prtracker.asp address that you use to connect with PR-Tracker Web Client. You should get the message "Connected". Next change prtracker.asp to test.asp. This test page has a series of test links. Run test 2 to get the version of PRWEBSVR.DLL. It should be 4.50.0108. If not it didn't get updated.

Normally PRWEBSVR.DLL get upgraded when PR-Tracker is upgraded on the server. If it didn't get upgraded then the file was in use when PR-Tracker was upgraded and you will have been instructed to reboot the system. If you haven't rebooted the system to complete the installation, do it.

If you have rebooted then it could be that the servers temporary folder is not on the same drive as the WINNT folder. This condition twarts upgrade during reboot for many software programs. If this is your case, stop the web service to take PRWEBSVR.DLL out of user; upgrade PR-Tracker again; and then start the web service.
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