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I would like to be able to do a mass change on the contents of a field. Is there a way to do this?


PR-Tracker doesn't have a group edit feature so any group editing operations have to be done outside of the PR-Tracker environment. You might think that you can change the PR-Tracker Access database directly, but since PR-Tracker data is stored redundanly in .MDB and .XML files, this won't work. If you want to perform some kind of global change do these steps:

1) Make a backup copy of your database files just in case you make a mistake
2) Use a search and replace program to edit the XML files.
3) Run the PR-Tracker Database Repair Utility to rebuild the .MDB files from the data in the XML files.


The Database Repair Utility can be found in the PR-Tracker Program group. Its executable is named dbrepair.exe.

If you don't have a Search And Replace program you can get one from http://www.SearchAndReplace.com for $25. It can do search and replace operations using grep like regular expressions on a set of files in a directory or directory tree.

If you are using PR-Tracker 4.x, you would edit the .PR files instead of the .XML files.
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