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Knowledgebase Article 434
When Email Notifier runs, it receives the following error in prtrackeren.log file:
8/16/01 11:02:39 AM Error 32002: Unspecified Failure has occurred
frmControls:Timer_Timer Notifiy:NotifyUsersOfNewAssignments Notifiy:SendNotification MAPIMessages

1. Open PR-Tracker, goto Setup | Email Notification. If you had entered Email Password, clear the password and exit PR-Tracker Start Email Notifier service again.

2. Open Outlook, goto Help|About Microsoft Outlook. Check the second line from the top of the dialog to see if it has Corporate or Workgroup. If you don't see it, exit the About dialog and choose TOOLS | OPTIONS | MAIL DELIVERY and then from there click the RECONFIGURE MAIL SUPPORT option and then choose CORPORATE/WORKGROUP.

This error could be result in your Email Server configuration setting. Please check your Email Server Configuration Setting.
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