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Knowledgebase Article 428

PR-Tracker Web Client starts without error but no problems are listed in the problem list.

If I use Test.asp to troubleshoot the problem all tests pass except Test 5 which produces the following error:

* Error Type:
prwebsvr (0x800A005B)
Object variable or With block variable not set
/prtracker/prtracker.asp, line 57


The error occurs when the user account running test.asp or prtracker.asp does not have permission to run either the MSJET35.DLL or the VBAJET32.DLL. This problem can be solved in two ways:

1) Using IIS4 or IIS5, modify the virtual directory security settings so that the user account running prtracker.asp belongs to a user that has execution privileges on MSJET35.DLL and VBAJET32.DLL.


2) Modify the permissions of MSJET35.DLL and VBAJET32.DLL so that they can be executed by Everyone.
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