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I have noticed that saved query definitions are stored in personal PRTRACKER.INI files. However our group would like to setup several "globally" available queries. Is there anyway that we can import one .INI file into another .INI file?


With PR-Tracker 4.20 and above it is possible for users to share queries but you will have to edit the PRTRACKER.INI file manually to do it. Keep in mind that these manual edits may not be compatible with future versions of PR-Tracker.

When a query is created using PR-Tracker, a file ending with .PRQ is created to store the query. In addition, a link to the query file is inserted into the PRTRACKER.INI file. Each query is stored in its own .PRQ file. To share the query, store the query .PRQ file on the network somewhere, and then edit the PRTRACKER.INI file to add the link manually. You may want to put the .PRQ file in the same directory as the PRTRACKER.KEY file, or share the directory containing your queries.

Note that PR-Tracker saves settings in the PRTRACKER.INI file when it closes. Consequently, you must make sure that PR-Tracker is closed when editing the PRTRACKER.INI file or you will lose your changes.

You should also change the settings on the .PRQ file so that it is read-only for others. This way it won't be deleted if someone deletes the query from their query list. It will also make the query uneditable by anyone but you.

Adding shared queries through the PR-Tracker interface is a planned upgrade, however, there are lots of features in line ahead of it so I can't say when it will be implemented.

This discussion also applies to Views except that views are stored in .PRV instead of .PRQ files.


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