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Why do I get the following message when I opens PR-Tracker Web Client while no other programs are running?
Error 7: Out of memory

PR-Tracker Web Client 4.40.0169
Prtrackerwc:Main Prtr:OpenProject prwebcli


This error isn't caused by PR-Tracker. However, other programs installed in your system may cause PR-Tracker not to work properly. Listed below are the software programs known to cause the error.

1) Advertizing spyware by Gator
2) Cineplayer DVR 2.5 TV recording s/w
3) SNA Server
4) Other advertizing spyware programs are suspected of causing memory problems

The advertizing spyware by Gator is commonly gets installed on computers without the users knowledge. It shows up in the Task Manager processes as DateManager.exe and GMT.exe. They are difficult to removed from your system on your own. You can find out more about these processes and how to remove them at http://www.answersthatwork.com/Tasklist_pages/tasklist.htm

For SNA Server, install SNA Server SP2 so that cfgs3270.dll and win3270.exe to release from the memory. Currently if uninstall Cineplayer DVR 2.5 TV recording s/w, PR-Tracker Web Client will work as expected.

To remove other advertizing spyware program, use the freeware program SpyBot. It can be downloaded from http://www.safer-networking.org
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