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We have two PR-Tracker Databases on two different servers and we would like to merge them into one database on one server. Each database has multiple projects. How do we merge them.


1) For each project in the Source PR-Tracker Database, create a project in the Target PR-Tracker database with the same directory name.

2) Copy all files from the Source projects to the newly created Target projects. This means that files created in the Target when the new projects were made will be overwritten.

3) Using the Target PR-Tracker User Setup dialog, enter all the users from the Source. This can be tedious using PR-Tracker. I have a key file editor here and can do it for you if you want. Just send me the two key files. They must be placed in a zip file if you send them to me so that my email program doesn't play with the CR LFs.

4) Delete or rename the Source PRTRACKER.KEY file and project directories.

5) Create file MOVE.TXT in the Source in the same directory where PRTRACKER.KEY is. MOVE.TXT should have one line of data which is the UNC directory name of the Target PR-Tracker Database. For example


Note: When PR-Tracker doesn't see PRTRACKER.KEY it will look for MOVE.TXT and automatically update the RTRACKER.INI file for each user using the Source database.
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