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I have been lead to believe that PR-Tracker supports screen shots. I copy a screen shot and paste it into the description area and everything looks cool. I then save the bug. When I open the bug the screen shot is missing. Evidently the screen shot is not being saved. Am I doing something wrong?


You can't paste a screen shots into the problem report description textbox. If you want to attach a screen shot to a problem report you must save the screen shot to a file and then attach the file to the problem report. You can attach a file to a problem report in two ways: 1) right click on the problem description textbox and select Attach Document from the pop menu; 2) or drag the file from Windows Explorer and drop it into the problem description textbox.

Note that one must be editing a problem report in order to attach a document, that is, a document cannot be attach when viewing a problem report in read-only mode.

When a document is attached, it will show up as a hyperlink in the problem description text box. When the problem report is saved, a copy of the attached file is saved in the PR-Tracker database directory tree. By double clicking on the hyperlink you can display the file assuming that your system has an application associated with the file's 3 letter extension.

If you are attaching image documents to a problem report, it is recommended that images be saved in formats that don't take a lot of space, like JPG and GIF. Files of type BMP and TIF use a lot of space.


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