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I've upgraded our version of PR (4.3) to the latest version (4.4). However, after upgrading the web client, I'm getting an error message when I attempt to connect that says:

The version of prtracker.asp on the server you are connecting
to does not match the version expected by the web client.

Expected Version = 4.40.0002
Server Version = Error: PRTRACKER.ASP - Unexpected function

Based on this message, it appears that there should also be an upgrade for the server software. I've searched your web site but can't find a download for it. Is there?


There is no longer a separate download for the web server portion of PR-Tracker because it is installed with PR-Tracker 4.40 automatically. Your problem is that you are connecting to the wrong version of prtracker.asp.

When you installed PR-Tracker 4.40 (http://www.prtracker.com/prtrk440.zip) it also installed a new version of prtracker.asp on your server but it probably didn't install it where you wanted it to. You will find the file under Program Files\PR-Tracker\ASP\prtracker.asp.

Copying the new prtracker.asp over the old one will solve your problem. However, a better solution is to make the PR-Tracker\ASP directory a virtual directory with IIS and connect to that directory instead. That way you won't run into the same problem again when you upgrade to version 4.50. See the PR-Tracker Help for instructions on Internet Setup for detailed instructions to setup a virtual directory.
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