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Can I get the "Work remaining by user" only for the currently selected set of PR's (current query)? A have assigned the work for all PR's to users and I would like to know the work remaining for PR's with a deadline of e.g. 15/Feb/2000.


1) Do PR-Tracker menu Reports | Work Remaining By User". The View Report dialog will be displayed. Note that the Query field says "List All Problems"

2) Select a query from the drop down box. These are the queries that are also listed on the PR-Tracker Query menu.

3) Click the Refresh Report button to generate the report.

4) To output the report you can either print it or export it to a different format. To export it, select the Export Icon (next to the printer icon) on the View Report dialog. From there you can save the report in HTML, Excel, or Rich Text, or Text format.
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