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Knowledgebase Article 292

PR-Tracker Web Client appears to hang with "Response Received" in the status bar. About a minute later the message "PR-Tracker was unable to connect to the internet" pops up.


This problem is due to a bug in the Microsoft msinet.ocx which occurs if IE 5.x is installed. To work around the problem you need to modify the configuration of the IE 5.x security settings. Three different IE security configurations that will work with PR-Tracker are described below. Choose the one that fits your security needs.

To configure IE security settings do these steps

1) From the IE menu select Tools | Internet Options.
2) On the Internet Options dialog select the select the Security tab.


3) Select the Internet zone by click on the Internet icon (it will probably be selected by default)
4) The security for that level is probably set to High. Adjust the security setting to Medium.

If lowering the security setting to Medium is not acceptable try Configuration 2 or 3


3) Select the Internet zone by click on the Internet icon (it will probably be selected by default)
4) Click the Custom Level button. The Security Settings dialog will appear.
5) Scroll down the settings until you find "Allow per session cookies (not stored)"
6) Select Enable or Disable

If the setting is Prompt, it causes PR-Tracker Web Client to hang because the prompt dialog never appears like it should. If you are using IE4, the prompt works correctly.


3) Select the Internet zone for Trusted sites. By default security settings for these sites is Low.
4) Clickthe Sites button.
5) Add the site you are connecting to with PR-Tracker Web Client
6) If you are not connecting to the site with https: then uncheck the box for "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone.
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