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Knowledgebase Article 29

We have 35 to 40 users that use the database at the same time and we often get messages "The database is busy", then there is a countdown from 30 seconds to 0, and every user have to close the program.


PR-Tracker can easily handle 35 to 40 users. However, versions 4.0 accessed the database in exclusive mode momentarily when performing database operations. If your database has about 1000 problems most operations should take less than a second or two. If someone opens the database using Microsoft Access, every one will be locked out and you will get the "Database is busy" error. Other actions not known to us may also cause this error.

Changes were made to the PR-Tracker query design in version 4.10 and 4.20 so that you will no longer get a "Database is busy" error when a project .MDB file is opened by Access. If you are using a version less than 4.20 we strongly recommend that you upgrade.
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