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Knowledgebase Article 274

We are attempting to install PR Tracker to a Windows 2000 Professional workstation immediately upon launching Setup.exe (from the network or from the CD, the following error appears: "Error writing to logfile 'C:\winnt\st5unst.00x'" where x is an interger equal to 0 or greater, incrementing by 1 with each attempt to install the application. Please advise as to a solution.


It doesn't matter where you install PR-Tracker from (network or CD). Somehow the person installing PR-Tracker doesn't have permission to modify the log file once it is created. Make sure the user is logged in as an administrator. Also check security settings on the WINNT directory keeping in mind that Windows 2000 has more granularity than NT 4.0 for security settings.


Although the user did, in fact, have Administrator permissions on his workstation, the permissions had become altered in such a way thatthe Administrator and System accounts were, in effect, locked out, which prevented him from installing the application. Restoring these accounts to their default privileges restored the user's ability to install.
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