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Knowledgebase Article 268

When I run the PR-Tracker setup program I get the error message "Wrong version of run-time DLL". If I press the OK button on the error dialog, installation terminates. No dll upgrades are offered.


This error usually means there is an old version of MSVBVM50.DLL already installed on your computer in the wrong location. This DLL should only be installed in the Windows\System (95,98) or Windows\System32 (NT, 2000, XP) folder. Search the computer hard disk and delete any other copies.

Having DLLs installed in the wrong location can be a source of system problems. The computer program that installed MSVBVM50.DLL in the wrong location may have installed other DLLs improperly. Funduc software makes a Windows utility called Duplicate File Finder which can help track these duplicate DLLs down. See http://www.funduc.com/dupfiles.htm
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