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Knowledgebase Article 255

Error 9031 occurs when accessing a project using PR-Tracker Web Client. The error message contain lot of HTML which I have omitted followed by

PR-Tracker Web Client 4.40.0161
Prtrackerwc:Main Prtr:OpenProject InetComm:UpdateMdbFile InetComm:UpdateProblemSet InetComm:IZipProblemReports prwebcli


This error happens because the logged in user doesn't have write permission on the PRTRACKERDB directory. Unfortunately the PRWEBSVR.DLL error handling code isn't working right so you are getting an incorrect error message. To fix this problem you need to adjust the security settings on folder PRTRACKERDB and/or reconfigure security for the virtual directory containing prtracker.asp.


Error Type:
prwebsvr (0x800A000A)
This array is fixed or temporarily locked
/prtracker/prtracker.asp, line 148
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