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Anyway, here's my problem. Somehow my PR Tracker database is confused about who its owner is. I have had to move the databases around on various servers and have done some client reinstalls and now nobody is able edit the project settings. How can I fix this?

SOLUTION for 4.20 and earlier:

This probably means you are using a user name other than the one you installed PR-Tracker with. To fix the problem, edit the PRTRACK.INI file on your system by deleting the line that says "user=<user name>". Then restart PR-Tracker. A dialog requesting the user name will appear. Pick the name that you installed PR-Tracker with. Setup privilege will be restored. Then go to the User Setup dialog and make the changes you need. Then if necessary, edit your PRTRACK.INI file again to specify the desired user name.

You must have spelled your name differently this time around. Edit the PRTRACK.INI file by deleting the USER variable. Then restart R-TRACKER. Your will be prompted for your name. When you select the original name, you privileges should come back.

SOLUTION for 4.30 and later:

Edit the PRTRACKER.INI file's USER setting to equal the name of the person that has setup privilege. If you can't determine the name of the perosn that has setup privilege email the encrypted PRTRACKER.KEY file to support@prtracker.com and request the names of the people with setup privilege.
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