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Knowledgebase Article 22

Sometimes I see old .lck files in de database-directory. Can I delete these without problems? I suggest PR-Tracker automatically delete these temporary .lck files. What could be the reason that they be there ? Could you explain how the locking procedure works?


A .lck file does not lock a problem report. It only says who has the problem report locked. You can open the .lck file with Windows Notepad and see who has the problem report locked. PR-Tracker does delete .lck files automatically when a user finishes an edit operation. However, sometimes a .lck file will not be deleted. The most likely case is when a workstation using PR-Tracker Web Client becomes disconnected from the internet.

My advice is to ignore the .lck files. However, it you really want to delete any lock files that you feel are extraneous, I recommend checking the date of the lock file to see how old is is before deleting it -- or read the file and contact the person that supposedly has it locked.
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