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Apparently "#" and "*" function as wildcards in search strings, e.g., the query "Description CONTAINS ####" returns a list of all PRs.

We use "####" as a placeholder in the description text for a PR cross-reference. How do I disable the wild-card function of the "#" and "*" characters so I can find PRs containing the string "####" (or PRs containing stars)?

Are there any other "special" characters that the search function will interpret?


The special characters are *, # and ?

* matches any string of characters
? matches any single character
# matches any single digit

You can also match a single character to a set of characters by enclosing them in square brackets [].
For example, A[12] matches A1 or A2.

[*], [#], and [?] match special characters * , # and ?, respectively.

[a-f] matches a, b, c, d, e or f.
[!0-9] matches all non digit characters


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