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We have been using PR-Tracker version 6 for a while.

I am currently trying to switch the backend db from Access to SQL Server.

I found a knowledge base article (1019 I believe) on how to do it. However, when I choose 'Setup / Configure Current Project', I have not Database tab.

Can you please help? I am using the latest client.


You may have installed PR-Tracker in File-Server mode. Do PR-Tracker menu File | Connect to open PR-Tracker Connect dialog. If you have the option connect in file-ser mode selected to will need to switch over to client-server mode. Before you can do this though you will need to dotwo things:

1) Go to the server were the PR-Tracker database is installed. Open the PR-Tracker Connect dialog. Click on the Reconfigure Installation link. On the Configure PR-Tracker dialog choose The PR-Tracker Server and click Next and complete the configuration wizard. When you are finished the PR-Tracker Service should be started on that computer. You can verify this from the Windows Services dialog.

2) Close PR-Tracker and Connect in Client-Server mode.

You should then see Choose Database Provider under the PR-Tracker Setup dialog.

All other PR-Tracker clients will have to change there connection mode from File Server to Client Server as well.
Resolved by Randy Stimpson at 09-Jan-2015 15:58
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