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Knowledgebase Article 1665

We have 32 PR-Tracker users and 1 of them has a problem printing problem reports. When the user trys to print a problem nothing happens. All of the other users can print problem reports just fine.


When PR-Tracker prints a problem report it first outputs the problem report to an HTML file and invokes the Windows program associated with .html files to print it. On some computers the file association for printing .html files doesn't work right. This in turn affects PR-Tracker so that it can't print problem reports.

To test to see if this is your problem use the mouse to right-click on any .html file on your computer and select Print from the popup menu. If you can't get the file printed this is your problem. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/274527 for instructions on how to fix this problem on your computer.
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