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I'm getting this error when I try to run Email Notification: "Socket error 10053". What's causing this?

The 10053 error happens when Prtrackeren.exe is having problems talking to the SMTP server (this is a standard Winsock error). Specifically, this happens when a connection is properly initiated, but then something abruptly ends the conversation.

Usually, this is because of some kind of firewall running between you and the SMTP server (maybe on your local machine, or someplace between you and the SMTP server). It can also be because of a SMTP server problem of some kind.

If you're running McAfee Anti-Virus 8.0i, make sure Prtrackeren.exe is an allowed program. You have to go into the VScan console and go to the "traffic light" icon (access protection rules) and edit the rule that prevents mass-mailing worms. Basically what it does is forbid all traffic through port 25 except for a list of executables (eudora.exe, outlook.exe and so on). SImply add prtrackeren.exe's name to the list.

If you're using any kind of SMTP proxy (Norton Antivirus is one of these that proxies SMTP to make sure you don't send out any viruses), then check to see if you can work around that somehow.

Also, check to see if one of your SMTP servers will allow incoming connections on a non-standard port and try using that port instead of the standard port 25.
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