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Knowledgebase Article 1452

We are getting the error below when PR Tracker is refreshing the database on the client.

Error 9037: Error retrieving problem reports from server.

Error 5: Invalid procedure call or argument

PrtrackerInterface:GetProblemReportsXml PRFILE:ReadPrFileXML PRFILE:ImportXml PRFILE:ParseXMLLine prtrack 5.30.0070

PR-Tracker 5.30.0156
frmProblemList:mnuQueryRefresh_Click ManageCache:UpdateMdbFile ManageCache:UpdateProblemSet ManageCache:GetProblemReports prtracker


One of the XML files was corrupted. We narrowed down the corrupt xml file by looking at the update message on the status bar. We deleted the 10 xml files listed in that message on the server since one of them was corrupt. Then we let the client update again and new xml files where generated. This fixed the problem.
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