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Knowledgebase Article 1299
When I try to click on any menu, I receive the following error:
Error -2147467238: Automation error
The server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect. Check the username and password.
PR-Tracker 5.30.0156
frmProblemList:mnuSetupUsers_Click ClientSubs:LockSystemConfiguration ClientSubs:LockDbFile Interface:MakePrtrackerObjectInterface() prtracker

I don't have a password for prtracker user account and my OS is Windows XP Professional

-Create a password for prtracker user account.
-Go to Component Services|My Computer|COM+ Application.
-Right-click on PR-Tracker and choose Properties menu.
-Select Identity tab, select This User option button, then enter prtracker user account with its password and confirm the password.
-Click OK to close the dialog.
-Right-click on PR-Tracker and choose Shut Down menu then exit the Component Services window.
-Open PR-Tracker again.
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