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The setup error message "System files are out of date" can reoccur after updating the systems files. This is because the Microsoft supplied setup bootstrap program doesn't always update the CTL3D32.DLL. It may installs this file for WINNT 3.51. Consider the following message from a PR-Tracker setup log:

"NOTE: The file 'Ctl3d32.dll' was not copied because it is intended for use under Windows NT 3.51 only. It is not needed under Windows 95 or NT 4.0."

Since we don't support WINNT 3.51, it may be best to delete this component from setup.lst. This needs to be investigated further. One customer who had CTL3D32.DLL 2.29.000 instead of 2.31.000 was able to install PR-Tracker with the workaround below. This suggests that the latest version of CTL3D32.DLL is not needed. In fact, if PR-Tracker is run under Reveal, there is no evidence that CTL3D32.DLL is ever loaded.


One work around which may work for some computers is to do the following steps:
1) Copy SETUPPR.EX_ to SETUPPR.EXE (do not rename).
2) Copy SETUP.LST to the Windows directory (may be named WINNT, WIN95 or something else)


Copy CTL3D32.DL_ from the PR-Tracker setup files to CTL3D32.DLL in the Windows System directory.


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