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Knowledgebase Article 1249

Is it possible to close a problem immediately after creation ? (From status new to closed). This may be needed if nothing has to be done for solving the problem, because the tester misunderstood something.

In the moment you have to go through all status from new, assigned, resolved, verified to closed.


PR-Tracker is designed to inforce a quality assurance process, even though it may be irritating at times. This means that a problem should go back to the tester that reported it before it gets Closed. If it is really not a problem, the tester gets enlightened and can Verify the problem. If it really is a problem, the tester has the opportunity to add clairification and Fail the problem -- sending it back to the developer.

See http://bug-tracking-guidelines.com, guidelines (3) and (4).

Lastly, note that you can configure a projects workflow settings so that problem reports are automatically Closed when they are Verified.
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